Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Vision

Become the best global social business and destination for healthy & delicious food based on the source of Indonesian native plant from the local farmers in Indonesia.

Our Mission

  • Preserving the local food of Indonesia.
  • Cultivate the native plant from all of the region in Indonesia.
  • Produce a healthy and delicious product from the native plant.
  • Opening jobs for the community especially the low economic society in Indonesia and educate them to process the raw materials from the native plant of Indonesia.

From South Sulawesi, to Indonesia, and the World!

20 % profit of every Paccoo product purchase will be used for developing Paccoo School, a free school for the local farmers children and kids from low economic families in the village. We believe with an inclusive and quality education for the children is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

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Quality Education

Increasing education access to all the low economic society. Totally free!

Fight Poverty

Opening jobs for the community. Increase their income and prosperity.

Zero Hunger

We turn a pest into a delicious food products (Southern Sulawesi Taro)

Religion Subject

Prevent radical understanding with a right comprehension of religion studies.

Save Environment

No more chemical fertilizers, no pesticide and no illegal logging on our farm development.


Providing continuous free healthcare to the poor society in our collaboration with Hasanuddin University.